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美和いちこ miwa ichiko





1975 Born in Fukuoka / 1996 Graduated from NARA COLLEGE OF ART In 2005 Ichiko Miwa had her first solo-show in Osaka

with the illustration works and in 2010 with the solid work made from resin. The GRU stick , resin and silicon are mainly used for her works.

Since 2010 she has been creating her pieces with an idea of her inner fantasy that is inspired by wonders of nature.

Those are plastics forces of animate and expressing the absurd.

Recently her works are approaching to produse principle shapes of the primitive creatures,

they indicate the reality that the human beings has the same life in the nature.

I feel it is the world full of fear and admire for nature, and of death and birth.

The exhibited work here was made with an attempt to express even some part of it.

Its title is "ifubiji” which is a coined word combined of Kanji (Chinese character).

It means "a beauty so mangificent and respectful even makes us tremble". 

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